Why SEO Is A Vital Part Of Your Online Presence

By Josh Parker

Years ago, not very many people knew what SEO was. Most people did not understand what this was, or why they needed it for their business. Times have changed, and more people recognize that SEO is a crucial part of managing their online presence. In this short article, I will discuss why your business needs SEO going forward.

Think for a minute about the last time you Google’d something on your phone, either by typing or talking. When was that? I am guessing that it was not very long ago. What were you searching for? Was it a product, or service? Were you happy with the results displayed? Do you ever wonder how Google “chooses” those sites to display?

The answer to that is SEO, or search engine optimization.

When someone uses Google to search for something, they will have loads of highly relevant results right after their fingertips. The top will most likely be ads, and then there can be maps results displayed if it is a service niche type search. IE – dallas roofing company.

Below there will be the #1 organic listing. Click heat maps show that right there is the best place to be, and that a good percentage of people click the #1 organic listing, as opposed to the top ads. Why is that?

Psychologically, we all love to buy. On the contrary, we hate being sold to! Ads simply scream SELL SELL, and our subconscious has us skip over them most of the time and see what the organic results bring.

This is where you want to be! SEO is what will get you there.

No matter what type of business you have, SEO is something you could profoundly benefit from. As opposed to ads, SEO does not turn off. Whether you use an SEO company, or do it yourself, your rankings SHOULD stick pretty well once you achieve your desired results. In more competitive niches, you may have to continue SEO’ing your site, but not as aggressively as you did to get there.

Securing Your Brand

How would it feel to search for your brand or company name and have a bunch of other stuff come up, things like negative reviews, your competitors websites, or even worse, nothing pertaining to your business at all?

SEO can help your business secure it’s brand, as well as show up at the top of search engines when a person searches for the products and or services that your business offers.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization professionals always have their thumb on the pulse of SEO. Things change fast in this realm, and if you don’t keep up with the times, your site will not perform very well for you. In fact, outdated SEO techniques can get your site penalized, and believe me you don’t want that.

A good SEO will start by taking care of the on site factors. Most people that build a website have no idea about on page SEO, or that it even exists, but in reality search engine optimization is very much a 2 part game, consisting of on page and off page strategies.

On Page can be things like:

Meta Descriptions

Off Page is things like:

Social Signals
Links to the Site
Anchor Text
Nail both of these things down, and you will have yourself some top rankings!


More and more people are simply grabbing their phones and plugging in a quick search to find what they want. The bottom line is that if your business is not utilizing SEO they are without a doubt leaving a lot of money on the table. One thing I know that EVERY business owner wants, is more cash flow. SEO is absolutely a service that can help you grow your customer base, and that means something.

If you are a still a firm believer in the phone book, search engine optimization may not be for you. In many cases, a quality person or company will have significant fees to help your business get the rankings you want. The good thing is, with SEO the traffic will continue, even after you stop paying, while with ads that is not the case.

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