Professional Website Developers Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

By Neil McNulty

There was a time in the dark ages where a website could survive by just looking pretty. It didn’t need to do much, it just needed to be there, and tell people where the business was based. For in the dark ages we didn’t really worry about SEO optimisation, Google rankings and conversation rates.

My, how times have changed! DIY websites have had their day, and organisations are having to compete constantly for their share of customers. That means it’s not enough to just get visitors to your site, you need them to take positive action when they get there.

There are clicks, and there are conversions and, with all the goodwill in the world, without conversions, your business might not make it. That’s how important it is to have a professional website, specifically designs to help you do business.

Professional website developers have the knowledge and experience to know what works, and what doesn’t. And that’s why they are there. A non-professional who thinks he or she can create a truly effective website is really taking a huge risk.

Web design services have evolved massively over the last 10 years, with far less focus on the aesthetics, and much more on the software and programming needed to actually make the website work. There are ways of increasing your website conversion rate, if you have the right components in place.

Here are a few suggestions:


This one is absolutely essential and should be at the top of your list! Since Mobilegeddon, Google has made it very clear that it thinks all websites should be mobile-friendly, and it will punish you if yours isn’t! The more responsive your site, the greater your conversion rate.


Easy navigation and minimal pop ups is something professional web development services take very seriously. They will tell you, quite rightly, that if the user cannot find what he wants almost immediately, or if the site is too slow to open, he will go elsewhere. It’s a case of Keep It Simple Stupid.


Your customer is special and should be treated as such. And your website can be designed to deliver a more personalised experience. If you can make that person think it is all about them, they are most likely to convert.

Be Proactive

Presumably, when a user visits your site, you’d like them to stay a while, and then spend money. So you need to encourage and direct them, without be pushy or overly commercial. Easy right! It is if your website includes clear Calls to Action. This might be BUY NOW or PHONE US, or whatever works for your product.

Better Payment Options

So, you’ve attracted the potential customer to your site, they clearly like it, because they’ve hung around for a bit, and now they are ready to make a purchase. Success! Or not. As they go from Shopping Cart to Payment, something happens to put them off, and they are gone.

Remember, users have a very short attention span, and even less patience, so here’s the solution. Again, Keep It Simple. Minimise the number of steps required, de-clutter by removing unnecessary fields, and offer multiple payment options.

These tips, coupled with choosing the right website development firm, will go a long way towards boosting your conversions.

Neil McNulty investigates ways in which web design services can massively increase an organisation’s click to conversion rate.

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