Google takes its time to index your new website

Ever wondered why you cannot find your new website in Google’s search engine? After a website is newly developed, certain steps must be followed to notify Google that a new website was created. Google will then send its bots to crawl your website and index, posts, pages and images. This process can take 4 days or a few weeks, depending on your website’s setup and the amount of websites  that must be crawled by Googlebot.

Crawling process:

  • Googlebot, the algorithm-equipped web-crawling digital robot, sets out to explore the Internet and stops at websites.
  • When it encounters a site, it reads the information on the website according to instructions outlined in the site’s robots.txt file. Bots like Googlebot prefer to read text and follow links that they find to bank more information, and will follow sitemaps provided by webmasters.
  • The content the bot discovers and what that content contains is sent back to Google servers, where it is added to a database.
  • Information in the database is fed to computer programs that keep track of which sites should be crawled, how often bots should visit them, and the number of pages to fetch.
  • Other programs determine the relevance and value of the content on crawled sites and reward the ones that meet Google’s strict criteria with rankings near the beginning of search results.

When you enter your domain example: in the search engine, it will automatically start searching indexes that contains the name of your website. If your website is not indexed yet, no search criterias will be found. This is not a development error, but only existing while Google haven’t indexed your website yet. If you would like to access a new website that has not being indexed yet, you should type in the full domain in the top  http:// search bar.